Friday, January 09, 2009

Around the shedworld

Enterprise Nation looks back at 2008's top 10 home business ideas... Pool and Patio is of interest to shedworkers with, er, a pool and/or a patio... shedworker and thinker Charles Leadbeater talks about the importance of homeworking in the current economic climate in the Daily Telegraph... the Chief Home Officer has a case of the Les Nessmans... Shedblog is loving HDR sheds... Shedworking is apparently a new extreme sport... points out homeworking is cheap... CIO has a very precise 17 pet telecommuting peeves... workalicious points out the ubiquitous Malcolm Gladwell also wrote interestingly about office space... Coffee Shop Office looks at psychoacousics for café commuters... Web Worker Daily asks why coworking is so popular in the north of England... Home Office Warrior looks at all the stuff you don't need for your home business... Cowley Shepherds Huts have this rather nice video (above top) of one such on the YouTube...

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