Friday, January 09, 2009

Bob and Roberta Smith

An interesting new exhibition opens on Saturday January 10 at the Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre called 'Hijack Reality: Let 100,000 Kunstvereine Bloom!'It's the work of Bob and Roberta Smith whose signature work is sign painting carrying political slogans painted on reclaimed timber, paper or canvas - above is an illustration of their work in situ, Hearing Voices, Seeing Things (photo by Declan O'Neill courtesy Serpentine Gallery, London). As the organisers say: "They appropriate the languages of folk, punk and the alternative protest movements to personalise political sloganeering."It runs until March 9 (there are more photos of their work here) but there are all sorts of interesting odds and ends too during the show including an Emancipation Day when you can join the Smiths for a day of liberation and emancipation and make your own art, plus children events on selected Saturdays. Well worth a visit.Thanks to Ronnie Simpson for the alert.


  1. Bob and Roberta Smith is one of my favourite artists. I have got a work by him above my desk - it's a photo from the Independent of an albino squirrel with "weirdo" written on it in marker pen.

  2. Written on the squirrel?