Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thomas Bentzen: indoor shedlike atmospheres

The idea of being a shedworker without a shed is a potent one and various offices have installed sheds or shedlike atmospheres within the main body of their buildings to add that extra spark of creativity. I'm particularly taken by two of Thomas Bentzen's designs on this theme. Above is Dansk, made from solid plywood, and technically a café concept, but one which would work equally well in an office environment I think. Below is HUS (the Danish for 'house'), a powdercoated steel and MDF creation which he describes like this:
"HUS is a furniture with a roof, but not one of those that keeps the world out but one that keeps intimacy in. For all the places needing a small portion of cosyness; where you wait for the train, where you eat your lunch or drink your coffee."
Again, a foodie concept which has interesting sheddish overtones.

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