Friday, December 05, 2008

The Shedworker's Bookshelf - Home Offices by Cristian Campos

Despite the awful blurb at the RIBA bookshop site, this book on home office design from Loft Publications looks like it could be interesting.
"Our work habits are changing. More and more people, especially liberal professionals and those who have creative occupations, choose to work away from the crammed and impersonal offices of their companies. The alternative, the office at home, has slowly become the favored solution for those who cannot practice their profession within rigid hierarchical structures or for those who do not depend on a strictly centralised flow of information. The consolidation of the internet and new technologies has made it possible to turn something that was a dream only a few years ago into a normal routine for millions of people around the world.

"However, the scale of what is a significant change can be daunting, especially with so many factors to think about - choice and planning of space, illumination, storage of material and decoration to name just a few. This, then, is a most timely collection, acting as a practical guide for all those who are thinking about taking this step. Whether working at home full- or part-time, this title offers advice and practical examples to help the reader organise their working space to be comfortable, elegant and, especially, practical."
Thanks to @emmaljones for the alert

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  1. I like the cover photo but I think I've been to those people's house. Honestly.