Thursday, December 11, 2008

Allotment shedworking: the next big thing

Earlier in the year Simon of awardwinning pallet shed fame suggested that more people should consider working in their allotment sheds. I'm very glad to say that not only is he talking the talk, he's shedworking the work. Here's what he says:
"I’ve been having some quality shed-time of late. A couple of those nice chocolate shortbread biscuits from Budgens and a flask of coffee, and I spent a lovely couple of hours in front of the pot-bellied stove burning last year’s bean poles. Last couple of weeks I’ve taken my laptop over there too and joined the shedworking revolution. Not your ideal shedworking environment perhaps, but still good."
I'd be very interested to hear from other readers who are experimenting with shedworking along these lines.

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  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Hi Alex, thanks for the mention. I was over there again this morning. It's only a 6'x4' shed but that's plenty of room to sit down and I can even use the bluetooth mouse on the little table next to my chair. I was hoping that one of the houses backing the site would have wireless broadband, but no luck, but the idea's completely sound.

    I've actually identified a site that could be the first shedworking allotment but it's going to take a bit of negotiation. I'll keep you posted.

    And what was I doing? I'm writing some software to design geodesic pallet sheds!