Monday, December 22, 2008

How to heat your garden office

Those of you still wondering about the best way of heating your garden office should take a look at Devon-based Multiheat & Energy Systems. Heather Edwards from Multiheat (itself a shedworking operation) told Shedworking: "We supply infrared heating panels for home office, log cabins and conservatories, and our heaters are very smart and stylish. Infrared heats people and objects directly without the need to heat the air itself, so provides a cost effective form of heating." Here's some more detail about the product:
The infrared heating panel from Multiheat is a simple, distinctive rectangle of glass, in either sensory textured or highly polished black or white colour with a small silver coloured frame all at only 3.5cm deep, made to high quality and specifications. All panels are supplied as a simple plug in but can also be wired into a standard electrical circuit and fitted into the ceiling for a sleek contemporary image, sensors and a room thermostat and timer can also be fitted to provide complete heating control.
There's more detail about how it works here.

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