Saturday, December 06, 2008

Networking: the green connection

The Independent is running a series of supplements in association with BT on the theme of Networking: the green connection. In the first, Hamish McRae focuses on how companies using communications technology to reduce their ecological footprint can make their businesses sustainable. Here's an excerpt:
"To take one example, from the UK: there has been a large increase in the size of the workforce during the first part of the current century, partly from inward migration, partly from later retirement but also from increased part-time and home-working. There are now more teleworkers in London and the South-east than there are factory workers: close to 12 per cent of the working population compared with about 8 per cent. Teleworkers are defined as people working online from home or from a variety of locations using their home as a base. So people are able to participate in the workforce, thanks to the new technologies, who would have been quite unable to have done so even five years ago. You could almost say that teleworking is the new outsourcing."
Well worth a browse.

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