Monday, December 08, 2008

Reaction Housing: emergency shedworking

We've covered various emergency shelters on Shedworking over the past couple of years and here's the latest intriguing shedlike atmsophere, the Reaction Housing System. The kit can be put up super quickly (there's a neat little timer on the web site indicating just how quickly) which the makers claim "offers an unparalleled, rapid response housing solution whether it is responding to the aftermath of an earthquake, wildfire, hurricane or man made event". The basic unit is large enough for a family of four to live and sleep in temporarily and requires no expertise to set up:
"An Exo shelter unit is transported in two pieces – a base (floor) and an upper shell (walls and roof). At a deployment site, the bases are unloaded first and placed where the completed Exos are to be located. Workers then lower the upper shells down onto the bases until they lock into place. A small team of 4 people can easily move and assemble a single Exo shelter unit in well under two minutes with no tools or machinery needed."
Via inhabitat

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  1. Loving the beach hut advent calendar...
    Did you see: the Skye house I told you about (called The Shed - see is in this month's issue of Coast magazine.
    x Elspeth