Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Green co-working

Shedworking comes in many shapes and forms and one of the shapely forms we particularly like is co-working, a communal version of shedworking. Here are two examples in the USA on a green theme. Firstly, in New York, Green Spaces (pictured above). Here's what they say:
"Green Spaces brings together leading green entrepreneurs by offering shared work space, resources and a community to launch their business. Entrepreneurs will have access to a network of peers in different industries to share ideas, and a strong network of Green Business Leaders through the networking group affiliated with Green Spaces. This hub of leading green entrepreneurs will also draw investors, clients and talent looking to break into the new green economy."
And, pictured below, Candy Shop in Boulder. The building has been renovated in a very eco-friendly way including salvaged materials and uses solar panels to supply some of the building's energy.Via, naturally, Treehugger and Jetson Green

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