Friday, December 05, 2008

Around the shedworld

Enterprise Nation reports on the first live-work properties launched in Bath... Shedworld features some nice shed art by Hanne Landin... Treehugger suggests ways to deal with the holiday home and garden office blues... workalicious has been trying out every single home office chair ever made so you don't have to... Shed & Shelter's featured structure of the month is one woman's answer to homelessness (pictured above)... Justin Draeger discusses managing a shedworking workforce... Judit Bellostes likes this pallet pavilions (below)Off Beat Homes enjoys a one-log shedlike atmosphere... Shedblog has written his shedlist for Santa... and so has Home Office Warrior... nose around Chief Home Officer's verticalised home office and look out for his labelmaker (below)...

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