Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Garageworking: the next big thing?

I have a friend in Spain who has just renovated his unused garage to turn it into an office (photos hopefully in the New Year) and indeed Jimmy Lee Shreeve in The Independent points out that while they are designed to house cars, they can also be great shedworking spaces. Pictured above is Teesdale artist and photographer Ken Lee who has turned the garage at his Startforth home into an art gallery to display his work. The whole conversion, which he did himself, cost less than £40. Here's what he says:
"It has attracted tourists, campers, dog walkers and horse riders alike, many of whom would not have taken the trouble to visit more formal art galleries. They are intrigued by the variety of pictures on display, and I have sold quite a few pictures."
Pictured below is his oil of a log cabin.

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