Friday, December 19, 2008

Around the shedworld

The Green Workplace suggests nonshedworkers' cars are making them fat... Shedblog reports on a Darwin Award Nominee who should have taken more care in his shed... Cabin Living have been busy in Blackpool... Tiny House Design has been busy designing a pallet house... Dwell blog is enjoying 100 years of Finnish Architects' Summer Homes... Trendhunter has gone podtastic... Moseley Exchange is a new co-working space in Birmingham... Michael Bywater at The Independent won't be getting any Luxury Shed Calendars next year... Enterprise Nation looks at broadband options for shedworkers... Home Office Warrior has a marvellous new guest blogger... Chief Home Officer talks about dealing with children in your home office... and yes, there is a Christmas Shed... and a Christmas Shed Christmas card (pictured above)... a fond farewell to Helene Hodge, fine friend and supporter of Shedworking (and much else) from the very beginning who sadly passed away earlier this week...

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