Thursday, December 11, 2008

Creatively chaotic work spaces

A really nice article by Clive James on the BBC magazine site talks about mess and working. Plenty that will resonate with many readers including this which resonates strongly with the Shedworking staff:
"There are books I know I own but I have to buy them again because I can't find them."
There's also a nice slideshow of photos sent in by readers of their chaotic work spaces. Pictured above is my favourite, submitted by Penny Barr of her husband Alan's office at the University of Edinburgh Law School. "This," she says, "is quite tidy."


  1. I think there's something a touch unethical here. Now if the guy who owns the shed and the clutter had submitted the pix, so be it, and we praise him for his honesty and courage. But it seems a little underhanded to print a wife's gotcha photo.

  2. Bah, you're too nice Bill. I say hang him out to dry.

  3. Anonymous4:53 PM

    haha! thats my uncles office, just spotted it totally random there, how weird :)