Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Village Underground - carriageworking

The marvellous shedlike offices of Shoreditch-based Village Underground, which were on show over the weekend as part of Open House London, are highlighted by Bonnie Alter at Treehugger (where there are lots more photos). Covered with graffiti on the outside, slickly smart on the inside, these four ex-Tube carriages have been lobbed onto Victorian arches and turned into offices. Good Treehugger that she is, Bonnie points out that all the cars have carbon-neutral heat and power and are ecologically outfitted. The carriages/creative studios are part of what Village Underground describe as a new cultural space in the area. Shedworking at its finest. And at this rate we'll have to start up a new carriageworking site.


  1. Anonymous3:55 PM

    I want one of those.
    Please, Alex, can I have one for Christmas? Please, Please, Please.

  2. James, that should be no problem. I'll order the crane now.