Thursday, September 11, 2008

High style shedworking (especially for women)

The New York Times has two articles of interest to shedworkers. Firstly, Michael Cannell's piece Prefab Sheds - Modernism in Miniature which talks to those who have bought garden offices in the US (including Kithaus, Modern Shed and Modern Cabana, pictured above with its owner Marie Delahaye who uses it as an art studio). I was particularly intrigued to read this:
"The high-design shed appears to hold particular appeal for women, who rarely have much dedicated space of their own in the American home (unlike men, who have historically laid claim to home offices and dens). Roughly 60 percent of Modern-Shed’s customer inquiries, for example, come from women, according to Mr. Smith."
Secondly, The Next Little Thing by Steven Kurutz, focuses on the rapidly growing small house movement and the big names Shedworking readers will already know about (Jay Shafer - whose tiny house is pictured below on the road - Gregory Paul Johnson, Richard Horden, and so on). Both are well worth a browse.


  1. I just read those two articles, then emailed them and printed for future reference. We are re-furbishing an old Finnish sauna, 10 x 15. My husband is a restoration woodworker and made new multi-paned windows for it and put in a new pine floor. He wants to make these for sale- look for Ten Mile Tiny Houses. Ours is a re-hab of an existing building, now known as the Tea House, our new guest cottage.

  2. Lilyradiohead - do get in touch about the details and with pix. I'd love to see the build and share it with other readers on Shedworking. Cheers, Alex (alex AT