Saturday, September 06, 2008

How to choose a garden office

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It's the most basic question of all when it comes to shedworking - how do I choose the right garden office for me? One of the problems is that when you type in "garden office" or "garden studio" into your browser of choice you are bombarded with options. Of course, as many people on the lookout for a shed to work in have done over the last couple of years, you can browse around Shedworking and especially the list in the right hand column of suppliers. But that is time consuming.

Here, above, is an interesting new way of looking for the shed of your dreams which I'm experimenting with via searchme - you are shown a series of web pages (I'll do a separate one for videos tomorrow) which you can easily flick through and click onto to get to the page. It's by no means an exhaustive list nor does inclusion mean endorsement by Shedworking, but I'd be interested to hear what readers think about it.

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  1. Anonymous7:10 AM Love that it still clusters 'like' groups together for easy sorting. ( is my preferred search engine)
    Only experience of use will show if it finds the same number of results as other search engines - but I'll be using it to find out!