Sunday, September 21, 2008

Five rules for homeworkers

Kate Spicer in the Sunday Times has a very nice piece about working from home. Nothing earthshattering, but nicely done. Her top five rules (in brief) are:
1 - Procrastination is the thief of time, and your only companion. Get used to the bugger
2 - Your working wardrobe can fit into a shoe box.
3 - Working from home is lonely, so it’s essential to have somewhere to go after work
4 - No woman is an island, no matter how many friends she has on Facebook
5 - Working from home is freedom and it is brilliant
Well worth a browse


  1. I thought these were really good and also honest. There's so much about the good side of homeworking that it was a relief to have some of the downfalls - ie isolation - pointed out too. But I'm just a bit shocked about facebook. You mean they aren't my real friends?

  2. I love homeworking.
    Haven't got myself a shed yet though.
    Have given you an award.
    See my blog for details.