Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gamechanger's floating office

The floating theme continues... Archie Workman runs Gamechanger ("an innovative new consultancy dedicated to exploring the future visions of people, businesses and technology that will alter the road map of their career, company and commerce in years to come") from his narrowboat the Whyayeman, pictured above and below. Here's how he describes the experience:
"We have had the boat for four years and spent most of that time converting her from a "live-aboard" to a narrowboat which goes places - the engineroom was just used as a store cupboard. We have a battery bank of four 12 volt batteries which through an inverter can drive the fridge, television, laptop, mobile phone charger, etc. A small galley at the front can handle the catering for most occasions and a we have a fully fitted bathroom with shower and loo and a fixed double bed in the back if work gets on top and we have to have a lie down."The pace of life on the canals is such that to have your office on water to me is just pure heaven and the scenery can change from day to day. She was berthed on the Lancaster Canal which only goes from Preston to beyond Lancaster at Carnforth so now lying at Nantwich we are at the crossroads of the Shropshire Union, Middlewich and the Llangollen canals which interconnect to Britain's inland waterway system of over 2,000 miles - we can go all the way to London - bring our own office and not pay any conjestion charge!

As part of my idea to use the boat as a working environment (and be able to proportion some of the costs for tax purposes) I intend to use it as a floating meeting room where my clients can discuss their projects in confidence but in a relaxing environment. Part of the experience is to sail for an hour or so up four locks which gets everyone working together as a team, hit the pub at Wrenbury and chew the cud on the way back to base. I dare say many shedworkers say it is working in a different atmosphere which can stimulate ideas and innovative thinking - that's what my company is all about, Changing your Game."


  1. You've fulfilled an ambition of mine

  2. VERY cool, I lover everything about that!