Monday, September 01, 2008

Home Business Awards 2008 announced

Enterprise Nation has just announced the winners of its 2008 Home Business Awards. Click here for a full rundown of winners and more details. Particular congratulations to MamaBabyBliss for winning Home Office of the Year. Sadly, it's not a garden office, but it does sound impressive. Here's what owner Justina Perry says about it:
"I run my business from my home, which we have adapted to incorporate a home studio/treatment room. It is a beautiful, calming space that was specially created for MamaBabyBliss. By running my business from home, it allows me to be more flexible, working around my children and cutting out a commute. When you’re a working mum, every minute counts so by getting clients to come to me, I can fit more in. It also means that I can work in the evenings if I need to but still be in close proximity to my family. It can be hard trying to fit everything in, but running my business from home gives me the freedom to be with my children and husband when they need me.

Finally, my ‘home office’ is my sanctuary. Not many people are as lucky to have a built in chill-out zone as part of their place of work. I do yoga and meditation in the studio in the mornings so that I have time to clear my mind and focus on what I need to do in the day ahead."


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