Monday, September 15, 2008

The 2nd Bathing Beauties Festival + Cloud Bar

Following last year's hugely successful Bathing Beauties Festival (the local paper headline reported ‘Hut Festival Wows World’) including arguably the world's largest celebration of beach huts, the 2nd festival runs this coming weekend, September 20-21. It is held once again on the 16km of lovely beaches on the Lincolnshire coast where you can ogle hundreds of beach huts and enjoy the ‘Beautiful Beach Hut’ competition as well as music, food, storytelling, puppet shows and temporary art installations plus fireworks and firesculptures in the evening. The festival aims to promote the beautiful, but partly forgotten stretch of British seaside for the enjoyment of visitors and the local communities, generating cultural and economic benefits for the towns.

Look out too for the UK’s first Cloud Bar, for cloud watching with pleasure, by Bathing Beauties curator and director Michael Trainor. Built at Anderby Creek, it claims to be the UK's first permanent cloud watching outpost and will be made from larch, acrylic and concrete. It will also offer a cloud-spotting menu, bespoke cloud-viewing seating and self-operating parabolic cloud-mirrors to "magic the sky down to the earth". It's due to be up and running at the end of next month with the official endorsement of the Cloud Appreciation Society.

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