Monday, September 22, 2008

Bill Amberg - shedworker

Leather crafter and designer Bill Amberg talks about his garden office in the Observer's My Space slot. Interestingly he actively encourages his family to share it ("It's my space, but it's not private. The kids use it as a playground where they can create things - they're always down here making belts and funny bags on the workbench, and my wife Susie and I use it to throw parties"). No picture of his shed as yet, but he does make nice bags (above). I particularly like this comment too:
"Some people don't get it, of course - they think it's just a dark hole at the bottom of the garden. 'Getting the shed' isn't a test of friendship, but it's certainly encouraging if people do."
Well worth a browse.
Thanks to The Garden Monkey for the alert


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