Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Railway carriage shed

Elspeth Thompson isn't the only one with a remarkable railway carriage build in her garden. Here is Brian Angus' railway carriage - with relaxation area - in Ewell, Surrey. Here's what he says about it:
"My neighbour had two small sheds but still couldn't get his car in the garage. The idea was to use walls from the existing sheds to create a larger square - so we'd only have to buy materials for the larger floor and roof. Dave wanted something long and thin instead, to suit the space so I thought of a railway carriage.

"The roof length is 36' the deck area 4' and the cabin area 31' - allows for 6" overhang. The roof is 6mm ply - just thin enough to bend, just strong enough for the job. We found this ply bends far more easily when run lengthways so we had to join the sheets in pairs. We added 6" strips of thicker ply along the edges a) because we'd made the cabin slightly too wide, b) because it formed a firmer edge for the roof felt."

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