Friday, September 12, 2008

Treehouses for adults

A nice piece by Tessa Williams in the Daily Telegraph looks at treehouses for adults. Namechecks for suppliers which will be familiar to Shedworking readers including Baumraum and Free Spirit Spheres.Henry Durham, of High Life Treehouses, is quoted as saying:
"Customers use them as offices, studios and even as an extra bedroom. We built one recently with a log burner and chimney. Fireproofing was a headache, but the effect is magical."
Well worth a browse and look out for a nice little gallery of photos.

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  1. Oh, still my beating heart! I want a tree house so much I can barely contain myself. Remember my Martha's Vineyard writing shack? I'd scrap it in a minute if I could have one of these. I wonder if the Duke of Westminster would let me put one up in my back garden here?