Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More on that new garden office planning law...

Fraser from Cabin Living writes in to give his view of the new planning laws we've been posting about this week:
"The way we see it the changes to the order are bad news for our business. Most of our customers do not have the luxury of huge gardens and seek to squeeze a log cabin between boundaries or at least put the cabin near a boundary so there is a bit of lawn left for a game of football. The new rules particularly "2.5 metres high must be 2 metres from a boundary" means that I suspect 95% of our customers will need planning permission unless they stick the cabin smack bang in the middle of the garden. The extra costs of getting drawings submitted and planning fees is likely to seriously reduce customer enquiries.

So as far as relaxing planning rules goes I'm far from relaxed and have already sent a letter outlining my concerns to Hazel Blears whose name is on the revised order. The only slight relief coming from north of the border is that these proposals only affect England but as a nationwide installer with regular installations in England it really isnt much of a relief."

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