Monday, September 29, 2008

Jonas Wagell's awardwinning friggebod

This rather splendid Swedish friggebod from Jonas Wagell (entitled Mini House) is being instrumental in introducing the shedworking concept to a wider audience since it won the Hidden Art 100% Futures Competition at 100% Design in London. As regular readers will know, in Sweden you can build garden offices and other shedlike atmospheres up to 15 square metres in size without needing to notify planners. As well as the main structure - built from plywood and styrofoam - there is an attractive terrace and pergola (all still planning-friendly). There are potential add-on options to the main prefab construction including a bath module and solar power unit.Via Dezeen

Also, with floating sheds seeming to be in the air at the moment, here below is his floating house concept.


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