Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Shedworking saves you up to 111 hours a year

According to new research by communications provider Aastra, people who commute by train to the UK’s largest cities outside London could save 55 hours a year if they worked from home just one day a week - and based on commuters with 50-mile round trips, the average transit time in London is 111 hours. Michael Calvert, UK General Manager of Aastra, said:
“Commuting to work everyday can be a major strain on people’s finances and increase their stress levels. Given that many of the UK’s commuters – if equipped with the right, readily-available technology – could do their job equally well, if not better, from home, it’s a wonder why more firms are not enabling flexible working practices.”


  1. Yeah, but it saves us 111 hours a year for going on Youtube all day and then having to do our work instead of watching Coronation Street, which all the people who trek back and forth on the tube having an easy life reading Metro, get to see four times a week. Sorry, but we homeworkers have a hard life and I won't have anyone say otherwise.

  2. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Yeah, right. Not to be confused with Bedworking, but then who's to know the difference?

    The StandBy your Desks mentality is still alive & strong in British Industry - (what's left of it).