Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fantasy shed competition

John at Secrets of shed building has come up with a marvellous new contest. I'll let him explain all about it:
"What is your ideal shed? How big would it be? What would you use it for? What details roof, door, windows would you select?

In this competition you submit your ideal shed design and for the top design I will produce working drawings to enable you to build the shed of your dreams. An important aspect of this competition is that I'm not asking for the height of architectural sophistication in drawing and presentation. Each entry should be for a shed or garden building up to 15 sq m (150 sq ft) with a written description of what features you would like to see along with a sketch. The judging will be on a combination of the ideas, how well they are written and for the sketch.

The entries can be submitted here on the competition page. Tips on what to include are here on the shed design page.
John has also started a monthly newsletter Shed Building Monthly which you can subscribe to from the site (or if you drop me an email I'll forward it to you).

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