Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bob Flowerdew's shed/garden office

Organic gardener and garden media chap Bob Flowerdew, has his garden shed - essentially his garden office - featured in the Daily Telegraph. Here's what he says:
"The garden shed is man's last refuge... and it's my tranquil haven, the furthest away from the neighbours and my three-year-old twins, where I don't have to be tidy or have a mobile phone with me. It's not particularly modern, there is nothing glaringly new, no sharp corners or smell of fresh paint.... This shed is where I sort things out, make notes of what I will plant, and store and dry seeds. During the growing season I spend several hours a week in here; on warm summer nights I take my mattress and sleep out there. It's like camping without the hassle."
Key to numbers
1. Bee-keeping outfit
2. Tools
3. White string made from horseradish
4. Wooden table/ long bench
5. Wicker baskets


  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Move a lil to the side.
    I'd like to sit next to you!

  2. Oh!
    That's exactly the kind of shed I want to build!

  3. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I'm not a man, but that refuge is sounding pretty good right about now!

  4. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Cool shed, but I couldn't sleep in there, way too scared of spiders! :o(

  5. Anonymous1:37 AM

    Is this saying that if I build a log cabin over 30 square metres I would need building control ?