Monday, April 28, 2008


For some shedworking on the move, how about trying out the Shellhouse by Carolina Pino made of cardboard. However, it's really mobile housing for the homeless, or as Carolina puts it 'Collapsible Cardboard Shelters Using Radio Devices for Unsheltered Homeless Persons'. Here's what she says:
"Having an address is how we exist on society, how we become citizens, where we can be located, where we receive our mail, where our family and friends can contact us. A house is where we validate this existence in the physical space. A shelter that gives us protection, our intimate space. Inhabitable collapsible structure made of cardboard becomes a shelter able to provide an address to a defined group of unsheltered homeless persons, by means of radio devices, proposing a way to make them visible. By using existing social networks is possible to DIY for someone else."
There are lots of instructions on the site about exactly how to build one yourself.
Via designboom

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