Friday, April 04, 2008

Choosing a shed (US) - Pacific Domes

Pacific Domes have a wide range of domeshaped shedworking structures. Although some are large enough to qualify for Tiny House Tuesday, of most interest to shedworkers will be the 16ft model which comes with galvanized steel tube frame with hardware, canvas cover with bay window and removable roof. Add-on options include Thermoshield insulative paint, solar fan, composting toilet, air chair and, my favourite, a floating bed. The site has an excellent gallery of models and full details of the spec plus some additional blogs including one devoted to shelter models. As they point out on the site too, since the domes are portable, easy and quick to put up, and can withstand hurricane force winds, they are ideal for relief work in disaster-hit areas.Suggested by Bill Kratz.

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