Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sheds in the New York Times

As well as an intriguing article about bloggers as sweatshop workers by Matt Richtel (which is most unlike the relaxing blogging atmosphere here at Shedworking HQ), there's a nice little piece by Bill Ferguson in the New York Times about the delights of shedworking. He writes:
"Several factors have made the shed moment possible. First, with some economists predicting that housing prices may fall as much as 30 percent, homeowners who once thought about trading up must find ways to be happy staying put. Second, with more Americans than ever working regularly from home — more than 20 million, according to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics — there is clearly a market for the backyard office. But until recently, the image of the American shed was humble. What has surely propelled the idea of the designer shed is the recent high profile of prefab architecture."
Name checks for some familiar US suppliers including MetroShed, Modern Cabana and Shelter-Kit (pictured above). Thanks to Lloyd Alter for the spot.

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