Friday, April 11, 2008

Around the shedworld

Materialicious points to the sale of the Steam Punk Treehouse (pictured)... Web Worker Daily wonders why your boss doesn't want you to shedwork...Boing Boing looks at a Haunted Mansion home office...Seattle Post Intelligencer reports on a treehouse eviction... Dwell blog asks if it is the year of the shed?... my deco shows how to make your shedworking atmosphere greener... Jeffrey Landers has an intriguing new book out The Home Office From Hell Cure which promises to Transform Your Underperforming, Time-Sucking Homebased Business into a Runaway Success In Just 100 Days!...Blue Fox Garden is building a Funky Shed (pictured below)...Enterprise Nation is having a makeover... Bookshelf is doing nicely...

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