Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kolonilott diary – all hands on deck

Warm weekends make for shedworking and that’s what the Swedish furniture designer and craftsman Lasse Claesson thought as he awoke on Saturday morning, writes Shedworking's northern Europe correspondent Sy Willmer. For the second instalment of a Scandinavian allotment shed diary we bring you the deck and patio door installation.

Having removed the jerry-built 1970s extension from his 1920s vintage shed, Lasse set about installing the slab foundations and sun deck. No deck is complete without a set of opening doors on to it. True to his environmental commitment, Lasse is endeavouring to use reclaimed and secondhand materials wherever possible with this project. The retro fit doors seen here were purchased as secondhand and have an interesting history of their own, being formally stage props from the local SVT Swedish television studios.

The deck is in fact new timber, to ensure longevity, but the traditional “lock panel” sidings you see that have been removed shall be turned and refitted. Further to this Lasse has removed a non original window and with the waste material from the new doors, that had to be cut down considerably, he has fabricated a more traditional smaller single glass unit more in keeping with the shed’s classic look. Next stage is to continue work on the structural timber and the fitting of doors and windows. Fingers crossed it’s a long hot summer and the shed does not need to be weatherproofed for a few months yet...

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