Monday, April 28, 2008

Choosing a shed - Garden Lodges

Bedfordshire-based Garden Lodges have a range of garden office models as well as rather larger marketing suites. But what really caught my eye was their Micro Pod and if you're after a garden office to fit into a rather small space, this could be for you. The smallest is theirMicro Pod i64 (pictured above and below) at a really rather titchy 1.83m x 1.22m and comes with a built-in desk. There is also a solar power option. Garden Lodges has also recently joined up with Jacuzzi UK to provide new hydrotherapy centres across the UK.


  1. Adrian Wroth4:09 PM

    I used this company to build a £30k lodge at my home. I was assured that I would recieve a 10 year warrenty. However when I need to claim it turned out that there was no warrenty and the company would not honour any repair work. The owners are rude and unhelpful but happy to take your money and run. Avoid like the plague.

  2. Hello Adrian, The ownership of has since changed and the new company does provide a 10 year, insurance-backed guarantee on all it's garden offices and garden studios.