Friday, April 11, 2008

Treeshedworking Week - Artisan Tree and Treehouse

Rosemont-based Artisan Tree and Treehouse (motto: 'We will travel anywhere to build anything') build treehouses for children and grown-up chilldren. And as owner Steve rightly says:
"The practical minded have realized that a treehouse makes an ideal home office or atelier. Coupling the world's best commute, privacy that can't be beat, and a peaceful vibe that enhances concentration with the ability to write off construction and maintenance costs on your tax return, a treehouse office is a logical choice."
It's a nice site with lots of links and a particularly interesting photo-by-photo account of a build entirely on posts in a grove of young tulip poplars. They also run introductory treehouse building courses with theory and practical elements.

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