Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Treeshedworking Week - Dallas Arboretum

Luxury real estate brokerDoug Newby has some marvellous photos of tree houses from the Dallas Arboretum Ultimate Tree House exhibit. Above is the very shedlike The Underground Treehouse with earth walls designed by F&S Partners. Here's what they say about it:
"The Underground Tree explores the idea of what it feels like to be ten feet underground. From the outside, it appears as a simple cube of PolyGal with wood cladding. The roof top garden serves as the only hint that something out of the ordinary is happening. Upon entering the cube however, a completely different story is told. Roots flourish above your head, like a marriage of unruly hair and long, bewitched fingers. A dirt wall anchors the structure and whets your appetite for the next engaging experience. Another wall, filled with educational marvels galore, beckons you demanding your attention and capturing your imagination. Take a look through the periscope and view what ants and other insects would see if they were meandering through the above rooftop garden."
Not so good in the drizzle, but lovely for some summer shedworking is the Ultimate Blooms below from The BECK Group, a slatted build inspired by tulips.Suggested by Bill Kratz.

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