Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beach Hut Tuesday - Wexler Beach Building

Qualifying both for the beach hut slot and the Wexler Studio Week, here is Wexler Studio's Beach Building for Art on the Beach, four shedsworth of wood, paint, fabric, each shed 8' x 2'6" x 2'6", in collaboration with the Jane Comfort Dance Company. As the studio says:
"The building explores the ambiguity between small beach cabanas and big city buildings. It functions as a stage set as well as a site specific sculpture. The sheds are like costumes. Dancers could occupy them. I define architecture as choreography without a choreographer."
The building, set up in lower Manhattan on sandy landfill for a series of performances, was a central part of the production, thanks to its rotating doors and the fact that each shed can be turned inside out or linked together.We're stopping Tiny House Tuesday since Kent Griswold is doing such a cracking job over at Tiny House Blog which is where you should head for all your tiny house viewing.

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