Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shedworking in The Scotsman

A nice piece recently in The Scotsman by shed champion Antonia Swinson on how sheds do (or don't) weather storms - Any Shed in a Storm - includes a nice mention of the Shedworking site. Antonia says:
"My main concern is how my sheds – a fixture on my plot I am told since the 1960s – have fared. I inspect the roofs for leaks, but all is well, unlike my own home where a loose slate is lying on the front lawn. Sheds are rather taken for granted on allotments, but their longevity and reliability should be a matter of some remark, if not gratitude. Mine have been going strong for the last 40 years, and with a bit of ongoing repair should last another 20."
Well worth a browse.

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