Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Milton Studio and Gillespie Studio - Timber Design

The lovely - and eco-friendly - Milton Studio in Devon was designed by Cameron Scott of Timber Designwhich specialises in timber architecture. It measures 5m x 3.5m for a client who wanted a contemporary piece of timber architecture which fitted comfortably into its natural surroundings and indeed the building opens out into its environment via a glass and a sliding wall. Most of the timber is locally sourced from the West Country while the walls are insulated with sheeps’ wool from Buckfastleigh, and the joinery was made five miles away by Kelvin White.Here's what Cameron says about the build:
"No concrete was used in the foundations, the building being supported on 10 galvanised steel mini-piles which were installed by hand. The roof is also galvanised steel from South Wales. On the face of it a steel roof might not seem the obvious sustainable choice, but with a high recycled content and being light, efficient and completely recyclable, steel scores well. Interior finishes are plasterboard and birch ply.

"Although it has not been calculated, we are confident that this building stores more carbon in its fabric than it has used in its construction. This is achieved primarily through the extensive use of timber and local materials along with the avoidance of concrete and petrochemical products."
The build will be one of 15 projects in an exhibition at the marvellous Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World which will go on tour to The Architecture Centre and beyond.Timber Design also designed a new studio for painter Sarah Gillespie using Western Red Cedar, wool, slate, oak and glass.Thanks to Annie Leymarie for the alert and Cameron for the photos.


  1. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I now have a new favorite shed. That is handsome, functional, and appropriately green. Thanks for posting it. I also like the 2nd one, but not so much as the one with the curved roof.
    Bill D.

  2. Yes, it's marvellous isn't it? And there are more nice pix of it on their site. Their other work is very impressive too - and I have to say they responded fast to my email and were very friendly. I bet they're a pleasure to do business with.

  3. This is the first time that I saw a really beautiful timber decking design that is eco-friendly at the same time. The studio looks great and it looks like it is really comfortable inside. It will look lovelier if they plant more flowers around it.

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