Friday, April 25, 2008

Around the shedworld

Chief Home Officeroffers 10 signs which show you're shedworking too much... Home Office Warrior has got the shedworking bug... The Independent explains why we love trees/wood... Dwell blog points out that prefab is a must at all design gatherings... The Guardian shows how you can mix homeworking with caring... Shedblog points to more beach hut madness and goes all Spice Girls on us... Does the glassbox count as a garden office?... materialicious is all spruced up (and likes boathouses)... HomeWorker is making rainbows...this might not be the best way to apply for planning permission for your shed, however frustrating the process is... bytestart has a nice little introduction to working from a garden office... National Shed Week is coming soon including the photo competition (entry pictured above)...

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