Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Children Need Sheds Too - Fairytale Cottages

Brighton-based Fairytale Cottages has a very wide range of children's sheds and playhouses. Pictured is the rather splendid fort, width: 6.5', depth: 6.5', height: 7.5' (2.28m),with external and internal wall mounted steps onto upper platform, three arched doorways, internal hanging bars, flagpole and arrow slit windows. They even have some three-storey models plus games, signs and other fun stuff. Well worth a browse.


  1. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Hi Alex. Now that I like. I've been thinking about a flag pole for my own shed, but I'd have never thought of ramparts. Brilliant.

  2. Yes, I thought the flagpole was a nice touch too. They also have a castle model which is fully castellated as well as heaps of other really nice designs.