Friday, April 18, 2008

Around the shedworld

Shane from Boyzone showed off his shed/aircraft hanger on Celebrity Mr and Mrs... Essential Keystrokes asks if you have a backup shedworking location... Web Worker Daily wants to know what the 21st century workplace looks like... materialicious reports on friggebod and civil rights... HomeWorker reviews Spare Room Start Up... Chief Home Officer likes English breakfast tea... If you have a private island, Private Island Living magazine (yes, really) has the modular housing information for you... Dwell blog likes the vertical patio (pictured above), a shedlike atmosphere without a roof or walls but with hot tub option from Picque... Treehugger identifies a very small homeworking space... Shedblog is back (hooray!) and highlights the marvellous shed performer, Fin (below)...

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the hooray!
    we are back but not firing on all cylinders, having a week off looks like it's taking me 2 weeks to catch up with real life and the more important shed world