Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Grass Roof Company

Joining Garden History Girl on our list of top sites discovered in 2008 (maybe there should be some annual Shedworking awards?) is The Grass Roof Company run by brothers John and Robert Little. We all know why green roofs are so great - eco-friendly, great for insulation, nice to look at - and TimeOut even suggests they are one of the 2008 gardening trends. The site is full of the most marvellous pictures of living roofs/green roofs including numerous shedlike atmospheres and I can't recommend browsing through it enough - on your way around, look out in particular for the summer house at Orsett Heath, the posh shed in Shenfield, the One Tree Hill Shelter and the Turf Room Garden Room. John adds that, in collaboration with Dusty Gedge of he is in the process of producing a PDF sheet with practical info on building your own green roof from scratch. The company also run green roof building courses.


  1. I am going to design... a Station after my own fancy; that is, with engineering roofs, etc.

  2. Very nice view grass roofing ......

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