Thursday, December 27, 2007

Michael Jantzen's M-velope Two

While Michael Jantzen's M-velope (see below) is quite rightly attracting plenty of attention, it's his M-velope Two (pictured above) that's of more interest to Shedworking since it looks far more at home in a garden atmosphere. Made of wood, the shape can be altered according to your need, block the wind, add shade, etc.Jantzen calls the M-velope a "functional art design" and a "transformable structure" created to provide a special place in which to meditate. He explains how it works:
"The shape and interior light quality of the M-velope can be changed by folding the surface of the structure into many different combinations. Each plane of the surface of the structure is covered with panels that are subdivided in different ways. These panels are hinged to each other, and to the main support frame. Each panel can be moved and easily attached to the main support frame with pins at two locations."
Its floor area is eight feet square, and the height is about 12 feet, the whole thing built on a steel support frame with slatted panels made of our old friend sustainably grown western red cedar. Its prefab and no foundations are necessary. Via Yanko Design

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