Thursday, December 20, 2007

Around the shedworld

Alchemy Architects have unleashed a lovely redesigned web site for their weehouse... Mary's Greened House Building Adventure is really getting going despite rotten weather... Pyjama Room has lots of loungewear ideas for some slinky shedworking... Chief Home Officer feels the new Microsoft ad is mocking stay-at-home dads... The Wallbed Workshop has some great wallbed/desk conversions... Working From Home With Kids is a blog all about... the winners of the Bat House Project to design a home for bats in London (pictured above) were Jorgen Tandberg and Yo Murata, 4th year undergraduate students at the Architectural Association... The Times reports in the growing interest in studio living... Shedblog reports on a great take on the Hawaiian bar... Home Office Warrior wants a USB cup warmer, pictured below (don't we all)...

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