Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tiny Buildings

Tiny Buildings is a marvellous site which is microarchitecture at a very micro level run by Sharon Mount, models made from business cards, packaging and other nice papers. Above is a replica of log cabin, in the woods near Falls Church, Virginia (the business card is from Blue Hill@Stone Barn restaurant and organic farm in the Hudson Valley, north of Manhattan), below is a Toblerone chalet. Not only worth a long browse, there's a lovely Christmas theme to the construction - and the story behind them is told simply and movingly. This is how it starts:
"In the 1970s, when our children were young, my husband, James Mount, started a collection of tiny buildings - made from odds-and-ends cardboard packaging. The original idea was for them to be Christmas decorations - to be placed over tiny white lights on our tree, or to gather on a side table as a little village. Each holiday, James would add to our collection. A few were given to friends, but most rested in an attic-stored box through most of the year...escaping for Christmas, to our delight."

Via materialicious

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