Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blackberry bad for life/work balance?

That's the thrust of a piece by Darren Pauli on CIO who reports that Blackberries were bought for Australia's Minister for Environment, Water, Heritage and Arts Peter Garrett and 40 other executives. Pauli writes:
"However, access to the new devices was delayed after concerns were expressed about the BlackBerries infringing on the work/life balance of staff. According to a source within the department there are a number of government decision-makers that believe executive staff should rarely be contacted after-hours and if necessary can be contacted by mobile phone. Staff expressed fears about BlackBerries contributing to a longer working day and felt it was going a step too far because mobile phones are adequate for out-of-office contact."
Pauli adds that some senior executives claim a BlackBerry can actuallly contribute to a healthy work/life balance by facilitating telecommuting and more flexible schedules.

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