Saturday, December 08, 2007

Four bolt-holes

Not everybody works in their outside space. In a nice piece in The Guardian, ('Darling, I'm just off to my teepee') Anna Melville-James looks at four different kinds of refuges, all of them potential shedworking atmospheres - greenhouse, teepee, shed and caravan - but in this case used more as bolt-holes (Anna was kind enough to ask me for some advice on putting the article together). I particularly liked Debbie Birtles' comments about her teepee.
"My daughter thinks it's hippy rubbish - her friends aren't into such things. Yet we were talking about families recently - she's studying sociology - and she recognised the importance of having your own space. When the fire's lit, I'm snug, have finished writing, and am gazing up to the spiralling smoke exiting through the open top, headed for the stars, and I know all the family's asleep inside ... it's beautiful. Just being there is a meditation. I feel the stress shedding away. It's like coming home."

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