Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Shepherd's Hut Tuesday - Harry the Hut

The Thurgarton Iron Works hut team have been hard at work moving their latest find, Harry the Hut. Pictured above are Ian McDonald and Scott Bunting (not pictured is Thurgarton's Richard King) who helped to move the shepherd's hut, and below is Harry mounting his Ifor-Williams wheels.Lots more pictures of the move are at the site where Richard says:
"I may be biased but Harry the Hut is quite remarkable. There is no way you would build such a Hut and expect it to be so strong after all these years. With so much wood missing or nibbled by cows and sheep, plus unattached wood, you would expect him to collapse – especially after the attentions of all those beefy bovines using him as an itching post and occasional bovine toilet! But even with a fully strained ratchet strap at each end he did not give a 1/4 inch. He does flex a bit but he’s holding his shape ...more than I will at his age."

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