Monday, December 17, 2007

Bouncy sheds?

Bouncy Buildings is an annual project which invites architects to design a ‘bouncy castle’. This year's results - which have been on tour to London, Stockholm and Tokyo - came from three UK practises, Sergison Bates Architects, Peter Cook + CRAB Studio and The AOC (whose work is pictured above). Shedworking loves the work, but wonders when we'll be seeing inflatable sheds? Here's what the organisers say about the project:
"Bouncy castles are associated with children, play and leisure time, their aesthetics most often borrowed from the world of fairytales. But can bouncy castles be used to investigate issues of contemporary architecture? By testing new possibilities for architecture through the large scale and temporary qualities of bouncy buildings, a large public audience will have the opportunity to interact with full scale architectural models. The mobility of the structures allows us to show them in very different contexts and cultures."
The nearest we've seen so far is the superb Inflate range including the marvellous Office in a Bucket, pictured below.

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